Government of India should give (Real)Benefits to Unemployed People

India is one of the most difficult place to live in with so much competition around. Not just that, there are many other factors which makes life harder as hell in India. Major factors are crime, corruption, hopeless government, climate, poor infrastructure, poor medical and education facilities, unemployment  etc etc. This list can go on for thousands of pages, not just metaphorically speaking but yes literally 1000′s .

Benefits for unemployed in India

All unemployed people should get some amount of Income. Government of India should pay them money, since it is our governments responsibility to take care our nation and us. I am not saying to give regular income amount as of government employees but yes enough so that people can at least survive properly.  This benefit amount may be of Rs 2000/month or Rs 6000/month depending upon various factors like education, place of living, duration of unemployment etc. But the important thing is to give a benefit amount to people. This will definitely reduce the crime rate in our country, make environment better for living and make India a better place to live. Other then this government should provide daily life things to these people on Zero Tax basis. There should be no entertainment tax, Service tax, and other type of tax on important things like food, entertainment, education, internet, fuel etc. I am not just saying things without thinking about the way to make this possible. It might not be as simple as i say but it will definitely take less efforts of our ministers and chief officers then what is required to do a big scam (which they are master at). One way to make it possible can be by making a deposit of  part of income tax given by every person and then use this deposit to pay the Benefit money to unemployed people. Most of the people do pay taxes on their income. It may range from Rs 5000 to Rs 5 Lakh usually when talking about middle class. They pay these tax only because they have good enough income for their survival. Indian government collect a humongous amount of income tax every year. Huge enough to carry this beneficiary plan for unemployed people.

With millions of graduates and diploma holder passing every year in India and less no. of job opportunity available it will be a better for our nation if we could get our taxes used by common men rather then stocked up in swiss banks by our MAHAN NETAS :-D . This is a yet another simple but powerful idea brought to you by the team of thotlabs for the betterment of our society and country. Friends share this post discuss it and again share it until it gains the attention of our lazy fat boys (Netas :-p).

Update : Benefit plans for Unemployed are already carried up by some state governments but are hardly of any use with the type of restrictions. Like the minimum age is 25 years where as it should be 20 – 21. And similarly their are many other stupid restrictions. Seriously ? i mean what is benefit of these policies when they have these kind of stupid limitations. Link for info -


  1. Pushpa Singhal says:

    Sorry to say but this not the solution of any problem to feed people in free.I agree people are unemployed but many people are unemployed by their own wish as they dont want to do anything.If government starts paying for their vellapanti then number of unemployed people will definitely increase to a good ratio…
    Instead of paying them for free try to arrange jobs for them.
    And most importantl thing is ,forcefully it is not possible to offer job to a person in the field he/she cannot grow..its lyk , giving them the job they are not made for.Suppose making a person a doctor who doesnt deserve that,then this will only harm u and us.So bttr to let people get what they deserve.
    And stop blaming government ,plz blame the indian people mentality also …. this is also one major factor of unemployment as u see sifarish nd all……thats all i want say.. :)

    1. Rajat Sharma says:

      or we can see it in this way that if Government have to pay money for free they will automatically work hard to generate more jobs :-P
      and these types of benefits can be categorized on the basis of education level. No one will pay intentionally fees of Rs 3 – 4 lakhs to become engineer and then get just Rs 2000 – 5000 per month.

      P.S – People are not unemployed due to their own wish. And mentality is never a reason for unemployment it is the economical dis-balance. USA gives this type of benefits to their citizen and that is the reason USA is a better and happier place to live with less crime.