Fun Date Ideas

Whether you are looking forward to celebrate anniversary, or in a mood to spice up your weekend, or just want to light up that spark in your relationship again, we have dug up some of the best ways to spend time with your loved one. Here are some good date ideas. Enjoy reading :)

  • Learn To Dance

dance class wit loved one

 This is a sure shot way of wooing your partner with your moves. You might not be a great dancer or have body for it, all you need is confidence and love in your eyes.  It’s sexy, it’s fun, it’s harmless, it’s liberating and your partner will love it :)

  • Get Silly, Play Games together

playing games

Order a pizza and play games together, it can be a video game, arcade game, a board game, anything. It’ll be fun, and you will end up spending great time together.

P.S- Don’t dare do this if your partner is competitive in nature : P ;)

  •  Take a ride

take ride with loved one

Visit an amusement park and take roller coaster rides.  You will love it with your partner by your side. You can also go to a water  park. Have fun guys!!! And Girls, when you’re with your guy, those butterflies can be transferred from your feelings about the ride to your feelings about him (:P I know, lame :P )

P.S don’t go if one of you are scared of rides.

  • Hit the club

hit the club

Get Dressed and go to a club, and dance like crazy. Super fun

  • Plan a picnic


Nothing will make your partner happier than this. Cook some delicious meal at home, and instead of having it in front of T.V., have it outside, in a park or so. Pack a blanket, a basket, some good wine (or your favorite drink). Even if it is in your backyard, nothing will be more refreshing than eating out in fresh air

  •  Stargaze


It is so classic that it has become a cliche, but spending the night outside, with the one you love is very romantic, how can I miss it ;)

  • Dance in rain

:) dancing in rain

It will definitely remind you of your college days. Rainy season is the most romantic of all.

  • Karaoke

karaoke p.s i love u

This will be fun and can turn out be a ha-ha moment. Plus how can you not remember the karaoke scene of P.S I Love You (now you know what I mean ;) )

  • Attend concerts


Go to either a music concert or a comedy show, depending on the venue. Before you go, do your research to make sure it’s something that would actually interest you and your date.

  • Photo-shoots

random couple clicks

Head to a pub around the corner, hit a coffee bar for dessert or whatever, be sure to take plenty of fun, silly or mushy pictures. It will create an awesome memory. You can also make collage and gift it to your partner later :)

If you have something in mind that can spice up the relationship, what are you waiting for, Start commenting Guys!!! :)